Canteen open 7 days a week 0900 till ?
Full service Bar and Kitchen - Food, beer and mixed drinks. Pizza and snacks at bar during non lunch/dinner hours.

Lunch served Mon-Thurs 1130am-2pm
Daily special or order from menu.

Mondays - Show me with wings n things 5-7pm.

Tuesdays - Bingo at 1:01pm. Spaghetti or chicken tender dinner 5-7pm. Music 5-9pm

Wednesdays - Wacky Weiner 4-7pm. Queen of Hearts, 50/50 raffle, food auction. Music 4-8pm

Thursdays - Black Angus Steak Day for Lunch, 1130am-2pm 

Lunch Includes Steak, Baked Potato, & Texas Toast

Thursday 5-7pm Burgers or chicken tenders and fries. Music 5-9pm

Play Bang at 2 pm in Canteen by S.O.A.

Fridays - Fish, Shrimp, or chicken tender Dinner 5-7pm. Music 5-9pm

Saturdays - Dinner varies 5-7pm. Music 5-9pm

Sundays - Breakfast buffet  Open to the General Public - 8:30-10:30am. Last Sunday is birthday bash 4pm. Karaoke 3-7pm.

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